Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Red Lobster Barley Lollipops Candy

Melvilles Barley Lobster Pops: 24 CountMelvilles Barley Lobster Pops 24 Count

Melville Candy in the New England area is famous for their Lobster Barley lollipops.

All ages will find these cherry-flavored lobster barley pops to be a delightful candy treat.

Melville's Barley Lobster Pops Specifications:
Length per Pop: Approximately 4 inches (not including stick)

Pops per Shipment: 24

The Melville Candy Company says "barley sugar lollipops--they are in a class all by themselves!! Just try them and you will never go back to the ordinary lollipops that you have eaten for years." All Melville Candy products are made fresh to order and so you need to allow an additional 3-4 business days of processing for any orders that contain this item (worth it to get such a fresh, tasty, quality product).

You can buy this candy online. Click Here for more information on this product or to place an order.