Saturday, May 15, 2010

Red and Blue Candy NonPareils and Jimmies

4 oz Non-Pareils Red/White/Blue: 1 Count

Candy is so often on the list of snacks to have on hand for any type of party and for some parties, choosing candies in specific colors can add to the festive mood. Red and blue candy is sometimes just right and for holiday parties such as 4th of July in the United States, add white candy to the mix and you've got the colors of the USA flag in the candy bowl adding a decorative touch to your party food table.

A candy like the Non-Pareils Red/White/Blue, pictured above, are little round candies that you could use to spell out a name or other words on the party cake. People who enjoy being creative could even arrange the round candy in groups to form shapes or pictures. It also looks great sprinkled overall on the frosting of a cake, transforming the top surface of the cake instantly into a colorful decorative dessert.

These tiny balls of candy are also often used to sprinkle on desserts of many types, especially popular on ice cream or pudding. Some even sprinkle nonpareils on buttered bread or on french toast.

16 oz Jimmies-Red,White & Blue: 1 Count

Another choice for decorating desserts with red and blue candies is a candy called jimmies (pictured above), which are rectangle shaped small sprinkles, instead of round.

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